A New Day

That sun will be more bright, that morning will be heavenly refreshing, you will wake up with that extra ordinary satisfying sleep with a smile on your face while still remembering that beautiful dream. You will do things which you never did before, you will greet everyone and eat that breakfast which you always denied. You will be fresh and excited to start your new day. You’ll give a wide happy smile to everyone passing by, your eyes will shine a little more and there will be a little hope in every thought you think. Negative thoughts will flow away and you’ll only be surrounded by positivity and confidence.

You will start appreciating people around and will never let anyone down. Things around you will start changing in a positive way. You’ll never be late for work or any meetings.You’ll start valuing time & be more patient towards everything. You’ll call that long lost friend of yours and talk about life. You’ll never miss any birthday parties, reunions or gatherings. You’ll buy that outfit which you always wanted to, without giving a second thought. You’ll never get bored on a sunday morning nor get tired of repetitive things in life. You’ll start giving respect to everyone in your life and value things. You’ll start loving nature and it will be your best friend.

You’ll become more creative and more focused to achieve your goals in life. Your dreams will be more explicit and your passion will be something you’ll choose to do in your pass-time. You will start valuing yourself and love yourself even more. You will start caring about every little thing in life. You’ll help people & never wish anything in return. There will be no stress, no depression nor any anxiety, your life will be more smoother. You’ll be more clear towards every decision you make and you’ll have that audacity to face every little problem that comes your way. Everything about you will be precious and important. You will be one step forward to that successful door of your life.

That New Day will be the most beautiful day of your life.