Best Friend

She was my best friend!
We all have best friends, we love them and definitely rely upon them. I too had a best friend, she was effortless, unique and lovable. She was important to me, more important than anything in my life. She was my childhood friend, she never complained nor did she ask any silly questions.

Damn! She was perfect!. She never left me alone, she showed me dreams, beautiful dreams, which made me the happiest human alive. Days passed, years passed, she never changed herself. Her love and affection for me kept growing with each passing day. She was always available for me, when I needed her the most. She was not selfish, my life without her was completely insane. I never choose anything upon her, nor did she. She had no hidden colors, she was as pure as a 90’s love story.

My best friend did not ever let me down, supported me in my hardest time and most importantly, she stayed. Yes! weird isn’t it? This generation is widely different, it’s the 21st Century, but she stayed. She had my back.
Well, the saddest part of the story, weren’t you waiting for this? A sad ending? Hell! human brains I see!

Suddenly from the past few months, I guess I am losing her. Well, it’s my mistake ,I couldn’t give her enough time which she deserved. I deliberately chose others upon her, I became a little selfish. She has always been so special to me and I truly believe that even I am too much special for her. So today, it’s time to say Sorry to her, for not giving her enough time, I can’t even think of losing her, not even in my wildest dream.
Thank-you Sleep! You are my true best friend. I’ve surely got your back. I adore you and promise to give you a lot of time.