A Falling Star

What do you do when you see a falling star? You make a wish. In fact you adore its beauty and feel lucky about yourself. You wait for that one miracle to happen. Why do you admire the falling star and wait for wonders? Why don’t you judge the star that is falling? Isn’t it strange?

We always end up judging and criticizing people who are failing or people who are at fault. Inhumanly, we just keep judging them on their flaws. This is what we have always done. Instead of supporting, valuing and being kind, we judge. Every human has judged someone or have been judged by someone in their lives. Well, not blaming anyone in specific but blaming everyone, including me. It’s human nature, for some or the other reason, one will definitely put their insecurities, negativity and fears onto you and you’ll have to face that. We ourselves make a lot of mistakes in our daily lives, we all have some or the other hidden flaw and maybe we are just bound to make more mistakes in the rest of our lives. We always need second chances in life, but here we just think about ourselves. We don’t give or maybe we don’t want to give any second chance to others. We don’t want to lower our self-esteem and self respect but yes we are ready to do that to others. Every human is flawed. We give what we, ourselves can never want to face it or it is just the ego that makes us do this. People like being more successful and want more attention in every little thing they do and later they end up putting someone else down just to gain more recognition.

One side you adore a falling star by looking at it, making a wish and eagerly waiting for miracles to happen in life and on the other side if someone is failing or someone is at fault or broken, all you do is judge them and knock them off. Thinking about yourself is cool, self love is important, but being selfish and criticizing others for their mistakes and flaws is not so cool. A person who is falling or failing just needs a hand so that they can stand up again. Instead of criticizing or making them weaker, uplift and support them. Give them a second chance,make them understand and respect them in whatever they do, admire their choices and encourage them to strengthen their self – confidence. Just like you never judge a falling star, don’t judge a human too.

Put yourself in such a situation you come across, and think about the consequences. Would you ever want to be the person who judges or criticizes?  Or that person who gives a second chance? Understand this and maybe the miracle you have been waiting for, will surely happen.

Image Credits: Wilford Machado (https://www.instagram.com/wilford_machado/)