A Little Comfort

How weird and uneasy are you feeling right now? Is it that super grumpy feeling where you think the world is going to end or is it that feeling where you can only see your dreams crashing down rapidly.
Maybe a little comfort may help. Well, Self – comfort.

Our thoughts are made of billion nerve cells, maybe a positive thought or a negative one. We think positive when we are too confident about something and the rest of the time, we are just so negative. We have quite a different relationship with negativity, it has overtaken all our nerve cells. Every thought which crosses our mind is a negative one. Well, this is more weird than what you are feeling right now. So if you are feeling that the world is going to end, first think about those billion nerve cells which are making a lot of effort so that you can think about something. I’ve been thinking about this since a long time now and I feel that my unwanted negative thoughts have started to disappear. Bingo! See it worked. I would rather prefer to think about my nerve cells than thinking about something which does not make sense at all.

Thoughts, thoughts & thoughts. Lately our thoughts have been more productive than us. So let’s make the most use of our thoughts, but in a positive way. When was the last time your thoughts made you smile? When was the last time you thought about fulfilling your dreams? When was the last time you made your nerve cells happy by thinking positive. Duh! You don’t remember, do you? Give yourself a little comfort.

Think about all the beautiful moments which you spent with your loved ones, think about that dream which you thought would never let you sleep, think about that little passion which you thought of fulfilling when you were in class 9. Let all these negativity crash instead of your dreams. The world is definitely not ending but I think it’s time to end your foolish thoughts which is also harming your inner-self.

Instead of damaging ourselves, let’s think about the nerve cells who are the real strugglers.