Color of the sky

A simple thought came to my mind today!
Maybe it’s just a random or an irrelevant question which constantly keeps entering into my little brains all the time whenever I look into the sky. What is the color of the sky?

Well, we all know that the sky is Blue. And yes I totally agree with this scientific fact! It’s blue and beautiful, but doesnt it depend on the perception of the viewer? You cannot call one a color blind. The sky is ravishing purple sometimes, or it’s just clear white! The sunrise & the sunset makes the sky look orange, yellow or even red!
And guess what? The sky’s still blue in the night! We have always believed it’s black! We’ve always been wrong, we are not color blind, we just believe what we see, it’s just our perception to see the sky and the beautiful colors of the sky.

We all know about the beautiful creation of Shonali Bose, “The sky is Pink”. It taught me something about life. We always believe what we see or hear. For one moment, why can’t you create something of your own, why can’t you just peep into yourself and see something from your own perception? Why can’t you just say the sky is purple or white or grey? Why does it always have to be blue?

Deep inside, you all know what you are capable of. You are just a little scared about the people who might judge you. Your perceptions are beautiful, your thoughts are phenomenal and the way you look at the sky to guess it’s color is not ordinary. You are different, you have colorful dreams and the colors of your dreams are way too much than of the sky.
Believe in yourself! You are not color blind, your perception level is just a little high, You are not ordinary, you are just exceptional. You don’t believe in what you see and hear, you just believe in what to see and hear. For you my dear, the sky’s not blue, it’s vivid, it has various striking colors.

Hey! Now can you please stop judging me for the spelling of “Color”. Well, it’s just my perception.