Ego! Not Always

How bad do we judge a person who carries a lot of ego? We think a person who has a lot of ego is a selfish & self-centered human, who does not think about anyone else nor does care about anyone except themselves. Well, let me ask you, what is ego to you and how do you define it? 

“Oh God, he has a lot of ego in him” “Dude, that girl is so self-centered and egoistic”, this is what it is. We’ve been doing this since a while now. We make a big deal out of it. According to me, people who have a lot of ego are the ones who love themselves more than anyone else, who knows to take their stand in all the situations, who are self-obsessed and will never let themselves down in front of anyone, who will never break any rules which have been set. Why would someone even change themselves for others? I’ve always heard people saying that your ego will kill you, but dude where on earth have you heard that ego really kills people? How can you even judge me based on my ego or my habits? Do you earn for me or do you even pay my bills? Back when I was a kid, I never shared my answers during exams, but all I could hear was “How mean she is or she has a lot of ego in her, what does she think of herself”. I just used to keep wondering about all those efforts I made while studying about that damn exam.

I personally think that everything in life has its own pros & cons. When I tell you that you cannot live without water or water is really important for a human body, does not mean you cannot die with it. People do die because of drowning. Water is definitely a need but it can take someone’s life too. And I think it’s the same with air & fire. So when someone has ego in them, does not mean that they are mean or arrogant or selfish. A healthy ego helps you grow, makes you love yourself even more, helps to build more confidence, having ego isn’t bad, it’s just something people cannot see in a good or positive way. Maybe it’s just human nature that negative thoughts hit our brains faster than a positive one.

It’s the 21st century and having a healthy ego is more important than anything else. If self-love is the lock, then maybe ego is the key to it.

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