Getting Lost

Do you ever get this weird thought of just quitting everything and getting lost somewhere? A place where you can find complete peace, a place where there are no struggles to achieve anything or a place where there are no people to judge you or let you down.

Maybe you might have that feeling when there is a lot of pressure in your life or nothing is going right, maybe quitting is the only option you would ever choose to make things right, maybe you don’t want to face any situation nor find any solution for it. You don’t feel right and you just want to escape to a place where you feel the best about yourself, a place where you find your inner-peace, where there is no negativity, no stress, no anxiety and no fear of facing anyone or anything. Let’s assume, one day you did get lost somewhere and you are living your best life in that unknown island or somewhere near that beautiful shore of the sea, your life is pretty amazing, but for how long will you survive? Did you ever think of a plan after that? Do you really have a plan?

Time will be gone with a pace and your life will definitely come to a standstill. You’ll have to face that situation again, which made you run away. You’ll again have to struggle more and more to achieve that goal which you left incomplete. You’ll have to face those people again who judged you and maybe they will again try their best to let you down by calling you a coward.Getting lost is a great idea no doubt, but that precious time of yours will be gone forever. You won’t be able to make things right again and maybe all that you wanted to achieve will be lost.

For a change, maybe we can get lost in our thoughts for making things right, facing everything that comes in our way, finding solutions for every problem arising and not caring about those unwanted people who let us down all the time. Getting lost is not an appropriate option but getting lost in our own thoughts and making things right is definitely a bang on option.
So why not think of staying and slaying rather than getting lost alone?