Half filled or empty?

Is the glass of water half full or half empty? Well, keep thinking because it has no right answer. Maybe the answer depends on you and your level of thinking. I’ll surely answer this question at the end of the blog! This is just a random thing which came to my mind recently and I thought maybe I can try to portray it in a simple way.

So a little question from my side, Why are humans never happy or satisfied about anything in life? Well, this is just about mental satisfaction and not the physical one? Haha jokes apart. I understand that the satisfaction level in each one of us is completely different. But my question is why on earth it never ever reached 100. You keep working and slogging just to reach that damn goal which you’ve set in your life, you also keep waiting for that day badly when all your hard work pays off. And one day when that golden day arrives, instead of celebrating it all you do is desperately seek for more.This cycle just keeps on going and trust me it never stops. You will end up slogging and slogging and just slogging your entire life. 

So let me tell you that this is just a happiness trap. Your happiness is just trapped in that little box of dissatisfaction which never allows you to be happy nor get satisfied. Don’t you think we all need to work on this a little bit. Maybe just a little more on the satisfaction part. I am definitely not talking about the satisfaction you get by drinking water after that great climb nor about the satisfaction which you get after eating 2 plates of pani puri. Well all that is totally different kinds of satisfaction. Okay, so here the point is about wanting more even after getting too much. Each one of us wants more, but what about things which you already have or what about things which you’ve earned by your hard work? Can’t we be happy about it by just celebrating it? Can’t we live in a moment and just for a while not think about wanting more? Is this so hard? Um I don’t think so, maybe this is just the easiest thing one can do. We always crave for things which we don’t have but we never praise the things which we already have or which we have achieved. Ironic isn’t it?

Let me give you the answer of that question which I asked you previously! For me, the glass of water is just half filled and not half empty. Because if the glass of water will be half empty, you’ll keep filling it more and one day the water will surely overflow. Life will be more beautiful if we learn to cherish each and everything that we achieved or earned instead of seeking for more and more. And guess what, this is really very easy.