Last few months have been very rough for everyone. Apart from this pandemic, there are hell lot terrible things happening around the world which has affected us way too much. This year has just been another nightmare. It has affected me so much that I keep finding ways to get through this. The reason I am writing about this is that we humans over think a lot about everything which eventually hits our mental health. We lose our focus, we get demotivated and we stop doing things that we really love to do. We keep thinking & thinking and everything just gets blurred around. We reach at that point of life where we don’t know what to do or maybe we don’t feel like doing anything. It gets difficult to find inner peace, we start losing patience and all we want to do is let go everything we are holding onto.

You change, you lose people, you lose faith in yourself, you don’t feel like starting, you fear failure, you lose patience. This is just a friendly reminder that no matter what, no matter whoever leaves or stays, no matter how many times you fail, no matter if you lose yourself, always remember that you are capable of anything and everything. It’s okay not be okay, it’s okay if you make mistakes, it’s okay if you keep failing, it’s okay if you feel demotivated at times, it’s okay if you lose focus, it’s okay if you feel miserable, it’s okay if you want to cry your heart out, it’s okay if you want to be alone for a while,  it’s okay if you feel the negative vibes, it’s okay to restart everything again. Your failure is just a part of your success, you end up learning something new every time you fail. You keep rising and growing. This is just a process and if you learn to trust the process, you’ll always feel confident about yourself. You’ll keep meeting the new and the stronger you. 

When you feel like your energy is drained, choose to rest. It’s okay to take a short break to pamper yourself. It’s okay to give time to yourself. Take enough time to heal, be gentle with yourself and try connecting to your inner self. Let the negative energy flow away and take in the positive energy slowly. Do what you love. Try expressing to someone you trust, talk your heart out no matter if you are right or wrong, believe in yourself and have faith. Embrace everything you have, try to move forward, learn to let go and never look back. Every day is a new beginning and try to believe in beginnings rather than sobbing for the endings. You are the only author of your story, write it, erase it, re-create it. Make it beautiful and fascinating. Don’t let anything affect you or back you down. Always remember, you are strong, you are wonderful, you are special, not for others but for you.