Silly Demon

I always keep wondering, what are our thoughts made of? How can one think of a situation which may or may not exist. Isn’t that human nature? Well it’s too suspicious. We think and we keep thinking and then we over-think and at that very point the suffering starts.
Back then, during my lovely childhood days, I remember my mother saying, “The more you think, the more confused you’ll be”. Do we really think so that we can be out of a confusion or do we think to get more confused? This is unbearable. At this point, I really can’t think a single thing.
So the point is, why think if you are sure about things in your life? Let me give you a simple trick! Listen up all the unsure chaotic humans, you must definitely flip a coin, you’ll get your answers easily. It turns out to be a good strategy for a human over-thinking mind. Well, thank me later.

So, my thinking level doesn’t sum up here, the biggest and the loudest problem starts here. We mix assumptions with thinking, we just mix it the way a Pani-puri wala bhaiya mixes the Bhel. It’s relatable isn’t it? We assume ,we over-think, we assume, we over-think and this whole game turns out to be a big chaos in our little, not so little brains. Also, there is no coin flipping here.
Assumptions and over-thinking are soo much connected. I’ve been trying to break it since my childhood and here I am handling this strong relationship with care and love. Did I say love? Geez! There are no heartbreaks here.

Over-thinking is a silly demon, the more you think the more you get confused, the more you assume, the more you suffer. Thanks Mom for the right lesson.
Also, please flip the coin and do not let this demon haunt you till death.