The Dark World

Lately, maybe from the past 2 weeks, everything around seems so ruthless. There are no positive vibes & no one is trying to talk on anything that brings calm in this chaos. I’ve been trying to write so many things lately but I wasn’t able to. I constantly failed in expressing, my mind was just surrounded by negative thoughts and negative vibes. Every news, every article I read or every image I see on instagram, facebook, twitter is just so disturbing. Social media has just been so awful and unsettling these days.

Everyone on social media is talking about mental health and asking to share or talk but first ask yourself, are you really available for someone? Well, only you know the answer. Everyone are so disturbed by the suicide case of a celebrity and are posting pictures or stories and giving alot of ‘gyaan’ about depression or mental health but how many of you have bullied someone or fat shamed or abused someone? Are you even for real or you are just being fake on social media to show everyone how kind or warm-hearted you are. Have you ever helped anyone or listened to someone’s problems? Well, if you haven’t then you are just so fake and unreal. The virtual world has been so strong these days, it has been difficult to identify the real people and their real emotions. There are thousands of people who take their lives everyday, but no one cares about them, no one talks about them. Infact, no one talks about the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us or thousands of farmers who gave their lives. Showing care for a celebrity and talking about mental health and depression does not make any sense. Stop talking about things you don’t mean. I feel somewhere even I have been the part of this and now while writing this, I just feel so sad within.

Social media plays a very important role in our lives, but I feel no one has taken the right advantage of it. All we need is just entertainment and when disheartened things happen around, all we do is post stories and articles just to look great and kind. Let me tell you, all these things doesn’t make you kind, it makes you dumb. Putting helpline numbers and asking people to contact is not kind. If someone is facing problems or suffering from depression, they won’t call a stranger and talk about their personal problems, all they will need is just a friend to talk, who is real. So please stop showing ‘fake kindness’ and instead of posting big big paragraphs on depression and mental health, try to know about it first.

According to me, the virtual world is just getting fake. There are no real people nor there are real emotions. The virtual world is the dark world & this world is no longer a better place to live.