The Locked Room

A room full of fear, mess, unusual negativity where there is a hidden soul weeping and screeching for freedom. In that room, you keep cursing yourself for all the things and blame yourself for all the situations which you’ve always been the part of.
You stop dreaming, you stop adoring the sunrise, all you wait is, for the sunset and you constantly keep falling for the darkness! At that very moment , you get lost in the dark, you flump in that room with pin drop silence but your mind is too loud.

Your colorful dreams have completely vanished, your thoughts have demons in them, your heart is full of pain and your eyes are numb. There are a lot of things you want to spill, but all you need is a friend. You are broken. You are not able to sense anything around you, you are just speechless. You just don’t have the potential to face the world.
Ask yourself, do you want to stay here in the darkness or do you want to rise again adoring the sunrise?
Listen to your heart, open your eyes and look around, this world is a poem and you are the poet.
Dream again, fulfill your passions, write your own story. Heal yourself from all your negative thoughts and fly higher with all your positive ones.

Do what you love, do what makes you feel lively, do what makes you smile every single moment. But firstly, walk towards that hideous room, give a bright smile and Lock it.