The Rusted Diary

Do you remember that dairy, which we preserved during our childhood days? Yes, the diary which had a little lock on it. The only trustworthy thing with all our dirty little secrets, our best mate who knew everything about us. And one fine day, we never opened it. Maybe there was no need to. We grew up, we made friends, we started sharing secrets with them and then, we just neglected our best mate.

Well, that diary is rusted now. It has crumbled and sweetly been replaced. Replaced by our new best mate? Mobile Phone, our new secret keeper. It does have a lock, but not the same lock with a key. We started relying on it, it changed our lives, it took over all our childhood fun.
Life is so weird. We humans have the ability to replace anything and everything in life. But trust me, replacing our only secret keeper was never a good idea. Growing up made me realize that there is no one who can keep our deepest and darkest secrets. Maybe our best mate could have done it better.

We have completely entangled ourselves in our so-called ‘Secret Keeper’. We are totally busy switching windows, social media has taken over everything, our priorities have changed instantly. We hate reading, but we love writing a sassy caption for our Instagram picture. We have no time for ourselves anymore.

We are not that same kid who used to write ‘About My Day’ at the end of the day secretly hiding from our parents and siblings. We are not the same who used to struggle and find a cozy yet secret place for our best mate. We are not the same who used to constantly check if our best mate was safe. We are just transformed humans who are more materialistic.

Do you remember that cozy and safe place anymore? Is your diary safe? Well, i don’t think so. It’s definitely rusted but maybe your secrets are still safe.